[ Attention Prius Owners ] Beware of Catalytic Converter Theft!

06.14.2022 | Tips

The theft of catalytic converters continues to be in the news. Several groups of people were recently arrested with a total of $750,000 worth of stolen property. I shudder to think that this is just the tip of the iceberg.


What is a catalytic converter?

A catalytic converter is a device that reduces toxic components in exhaust gas through a chemical reaction. It is installed at the bottom of the car, near the muffler.


Why are catalytic converters targeted?

Because catalytic converters are made of expensive metals (platinum, palladium, etc.). It seems that criminal groups are dismantling them and selling the metals inside for money.

How do they do it?

The group jacks up the car, cuts the catalytic converter with a power tool, and forcibly steals the catalytic converter. The crime only takes less than 10 minutes.


How much does it cost to replace the catalytic converter if it is stolen?

It is quite expensive, about $2000~3000. If you have car insurance, the insurance will cover the cost, but you will have to pay a certain amount as a deductible.

The following is advice from the local police on how to avoid becoming a victim.

  • Park in a safe area where there are surveillance cameras.
  • Wear a catalytic converter protector.
  • Engrave the license plate number on the catalytic converter.
  • Install a drive recorder with a parking surveillance system and put a sticker "Recording!".
  • Report suspicious activity at 1-800-222-8477.
    *If you see a group of criminals, do not approach them or talk to them, as it is dangerous!

Why Prius is especially targeted (what Prius owners should be aware of)

  1. Prius is a popular car model especially in California (easy to find).
  2. Clean Air hybrids, so they are clean (easy to sell on the aftermarket)
  3. No cover under the vehicle, easy to cut and steal (especially Model 20 Prius : year 2001-2009)

Recommendation: Catalytic converter protector

Eco Drive sell and install original catalytic converter protector to protect against theft.

Our original protector is specially designed for the Model 20 Prius, so it fits perfectly. Therefore, there is no space for the culprit to put their hands in, and there is no metallic noise while driving.

Before: Here you can see the catalytic converter.


After: When the protector is attached.


The protector is riveted in place, so it cannot be removed with a screwdriver or the like. The stainless steel board is waterproof and rust-resistant, so it will not lose its strength. This is especially recommended for those who often park on the street.

Protector & Installation Fee: $450 (Estimated installation time: 2-3 hours)

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Enjoy driving!

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