Updated News Of Catalytic Converter!!

08.19.2022 | News

☆ATTENTION WARRNING☆ I have wrote and updated video of thieves steeling catalytic converter. We've been seeing our clients being victims from getting their catalytic converter stolen and most of the 2nd generation (2004 - 2009) w...
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07.21.2022 | News

AS THE TITLE SAYS, WE BUY ANY PRIUS IN ANY CONDITION!!   On 7/19 (Tue), We had a deal to purchase 2012, Toyota, Prius V, Package 5, with the engine being removed. We were mentioned that the it needed a new engine but we did not know that the engines been removed from ...
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It only takes less than 5 min!! Be aware where you park!

07.07.2022 | News

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5pX5MHg0Z0 This is how the thieves steel your catalytic converter! ※ As the title says, it only takes less than 5 min! BE AWARE WHERE YOU PARK YOUR TOYOTA PRIUS!!...
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ECO DRIVE GO maintenance is now available at VALVOLINE!

06.03.2021 | News

We have partnered with VALVOLINE, a leading maintenance store with 1,170 locations in the US, to take care of the daily maintenance of our ECO DRIVE GO service (Prius leasing for Uber/Lyft/Delivery drivers)! ECO DRIVE GO dr...
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Our new website has been launched.

05.01.2021 | News

Our new website has been launched! We are very excited to announce the launch of our newly designed website of Eco Drive Auto Sales & Leasing Inc. As a HYBRID CAR SPECIALIST, we will continue to offer various services and ...
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