Mr. D from Canoga Park, thank you for using Eco Drive Go!

06.09.2021 |


How did you hear about Eco Drive?

Web Search

What brought you to selecting us among other car dealers?


How was the attitude of our stuff and the atmosphere within our shop?

James was Great to work with.

Please share any final thoughts about your vehicle or experience.

James made the process easy.
I am happy with the vehicle and the service.

Response from Eco Drive

I couldn't get Mr. D in the photo but He was very detail oriented and curious regarding to our program so I've got to explain to the core for our Lease program system!
I felt It's important to have that business aspect and professional attitude as well!
In the very end, Mr. D gave her wife a call and his wife wanted to thank me over the phone!
It always become a nice day in the end when you hear something like this!
Thank you for choosing our 「Lease To Earn Program」Eco Drive Go!